Interesting article from The Observer here.


No Fake News here.

Small University Presses are thriving.


The Tacoma News with another review of The Panic of 1893 by Bruce Ramsey.

Read it here: Tribune https://t.co/xPzluu6Q3v

Bruce Ramsey can be found here: https://t.co/P7Gp7sHt74

Seattle Times discussion of Bruce Ramsey's new book The Panic of 1893.

Read it here: , https://t.co/74KB65vBEO

#CaxtonPress author Bruce Ramsey presenting at University Bookstore in Seattle. His new book The Panic of 1893 is available in local bookstores and at https://t.co/C3eCKsoR4S.

Video here: https://t.co/sewSdnw1cj

Visit his website https://t.co/xxim2UBLNi

Excellent and exhaustive review in #Liberty Magazine of new #Caxton title by Bruce Ramsey. The Panic of 1893: The Untold Story of Washington State's First Depression.


Book is available at local bookstores or here:

#Caxton author Bruce Ramsey at his recent presentation at #UniversityofWashington bookstore for his new book The Panic of 1893. Now available at local bookstores (ask for it) or here

Does this describe you? It does me, and many that I know.


Caxton Author Bruce Ramsey has a nice article in Seattle Times about his new book #Panic of 1893.
Read it here.

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