Finally some good news on adult trade book sales. And, adult ebook sales, as reported by major publishers, continue to fall. This doesn't measure the entire ebook market but it is an indication of a stalled market.


As someone who works in an industry that is rife with copyright infringement this article was of particular interest to me. Not the same industry but the same problems. Today the belief seems to be that all content is available to at no cost.


Blog from Caxton author Steve Stuebner regarding the Snake River Birds of Prey and its founder Morley Nelson. Steve's excellent biography of Nelson COOL NORTH WIND can be found here.


Well, this is an interesting development.
Walmart taking on Amazon in one of Amazon's core markets.
Should be fun to watch.


Who says print and bookstores are dead? Apparently not the consumers. From the AAP.

An interesting piece from the New York Times on how technology is currently impacting reading habits and the #publishing industry.


From the Seattle Times - more notice for John Shewey's new book
#OregonBeaches published by #CaxtonPress.


Interesting read here.
Amazon is killing chains while niche local stores thrive.


Nice article in the Statesman Journal about new #CaxtonPress release #OregonBeaches : A Traveler's Companion by John Shewey.


Interesting commentary on challenges facing #B&N

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